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Awesome art made by awesome people! :iconchuwyplz:

Here are some awesome arts of my Characters made by awesome people!

RRB Guy by Melted-Cheesepuff Request - Aurora by umbreonespeon RQ by willowilson Baliya!! (Request) by HyperBlossomNr1 For Baliya .:Request:. by Relin2003 Art Trade: Baliya's Character by 1XxKingdomXxHeartsxX Baliya , Kiba And Akamaru ( Chibi ) by ChocolatesAndCandys Blondy or Shadow by ImaginaryDrawer Request by StormChaser236 Request from Baliya by Dark-Mika-Rose Art Trade ( Baliya) by Bricklover125 .:Request:. Baliya and Shadow by bloodredbatwings AT- Baliya and Blondy by BrickercupMasterX3 rq for  Baliya by Ilovebrashgirl901





The Albino Trio: Tonight, We rise! by Baliya
The Albino Trio: Tonight, We rise!
Alternate Title: The Robber, Assassin, and the Distraction. (Baliya and Baney sometimes switch for the Assassin and the Distraction)

Bade: The Robber 
Attack: Medium
Defense: High
Speed: Low
Special Power: Using magic to paralyze enemies. (Can also drain their energy)
Can't: Move very fast.
Decided to become evil because of the lack of love from his brothers. He uses magic to assist him in any type of combat (including shape-shifting). He rides on a magic hoverboard to keep up to the others' speed. He is best at using his magic powers.

Baliya: The Distraction (and sometimes the Assassin)
Attack: Low
Defense: Medium
Speed: High
Special Power: A super sonic scream that stuns her enemies and grants them a loss of hearing for a short period. (Can also make their ears bleed)
Can't: Fly most of the time.
Decided to become evil because of the lack of appreciation she was feeling. Her speed allows her to attack without being noticed. However, she has to attack multiple times because she's not skilled in one-hit KO's. She is best at using her hybrid powers.

Baney: The Assassin (and sometimes the Distraction)
Attack: High
Defense: Low
Speed: Medium
Special Power: Extreme laser eyes that can stun an enemy (Can also burn an enemy)
Can't: Control his rage
Decided to become evil because he was fed up with the disrespect he was getting. He is terrible at dodging attacks but can  endure high amounts of pain, especially if he's really angry. Sometimes he goes too far and his teammates will knock him out before he does any real damage (FYI, he doesn't do any killing, just attacking, sometimes to the point of near death).  He is best at using his Chemical X powers.

Together, they strive to be the worlds best criminals, and show the world that they are not a bunch of Albino Losers!

Wow, I spent a butt-load of time on this picture. I'm still working on the story, and I am posting Chapter One after this.
Also, making their new outfits was fun!
Lighter Version:
No Shading:
Pervy!Blondy and Baliya by Baliya
Pervy!Blondy and Baliya
:iconnotsureifplz: Not sure if Baliya is shocked or really happy. :XD:
Also Not sure if Blondy is naked or just half naked. XD
Yes, that's what she looks like with her hair out. And I'll explain why Blondy has angel wings later.

Sooooo, what's gotten into Blondy? He's got that spring fever even though it's almost winter where I live.

Semi by Baliya
What no of course she doesn't resemble me in any way
She's my FC for the Kid Icarus Fandom. She's neutral. Not good nor evil. Her name is Semitra but call she hates being called that. So call her Semi. She's the Angel of Love, although she doesn't act like it most of the time.
I'm also trying to decide what color her eyes are (hence why she doesn't have a face) I'm thinking silver. What do you think?

Colorboom by Baliya
These two have been giving me serious feels for the past few days and I have no Idea why. They're so cute when they're shy! :love:
Btw, Colorboom is their shipping name.
Staticboom and CC (c) Me


Flaze Inuzuka
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi! I'm Baliya, but you can call me Flaze! If you hadn't noticed yet, I loooove rainbows! I am a...

and also a

and a

So of course, I'm a

(all though Butchubbles is kinda cute...)

I finally found this button!

Epic Ds/3Ds game :below:

Awesome dude!

Yus :D

Double Yus :3


And come on, who isn't a


If you're a fan of me, put this on your page (if you want to)

Kristina Fan Button [3] by PastelDovePonyArtist
These are mah bros in real life! :iconmissminecrafter: :icongrreaper00: :iconkatydivine: :iconnikokiro: :iconmrminecraft211: :iconnayleendeming::iconnaruto6263:

And here are my DA Dudes! (Yes, your called that now :D) :iconbutchishot123: :iconabnormaldre: :iconimaginarydrawer: :iconkristinabb86: :iconbloodredbatwings: :iconstaticthehedgehog759: :iconbickergirl90: :iconconfederatedekuskrub:

And these awesome people are my idols! :iconprincesscallyie: :iconsweatshirtmaster: :iconpolarbear1234:

Awesome Artists are all over deviantart! Including you!
Meow :3 Ruff ruff:3 MOO! :D

I love

I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry MS Paint Artist Stamp by Aroihkin Wishful Thinking by whispwill I listen to the same song... by IreneMartini Stamp by Kataang-furuba The Eeveelutions by Marlenesstamps Eevee Stamp by Heart-Stamp Ninja Powers Stamp by Fyi-Sus Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner SSBB Stamp by JazzaX Nintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaX Spaghetti by squibli Minecraft fan by DS-DNA Pokemon- Generation 6 Finnekin fireeeeeeeeeee by DragneelGfx I wish... by prosaix some folk need to be PUNished by CassidyPeterson Music Really Adds a Whole New Dimension Stamp by Crystalstar1001 The power of flight by prosaix Never... by prosaix Epic expressions by prosaix Superpowers by prosaix I talk to myself... by prosaix Hug Yourself by CassidyPeterson Disconnected Rage Stamp by Khrinx Art Block Stamp by KhrinxWriters Block Stamp by Khrinx I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx Rock On Stamp by Khrinx Mental Wi-Fi by prosaix Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS Fox Love stamp by Stamps-Lover Nyan Pikachu -stamp- by MsPastel PokePuns2 by DesuSigMaker Television: Stamp by JazzaX Cookie Lover Stamp by luvlybreeze PokePuns by DesuSigMaker To be a Master is my Dream by LadyQuintessence Love Stamp by LadyQuintessence Stamp: You Never Know... by LittleMissWesker I Love Lightning Stamp by Katttty920 I Love Fire Stamp by Katttty920 StuffedAnimalsStamp by Tsiki10 Music inspres me to DRAW by MrsDK1998 I Support Colours Stamp by jojogape Weird Things Stamp by takosuu Ninja Stamp by bythewayiloveyoux3 Let me hear you say it by RebiValeska Weapon Of Choice Stamp XD by RebiValeska [STAMP] I Love Shit That Glows by Twerka-Trever Crammin Like Tetris Stamp by omegaflash4 hehehehehahaha (remade) by RebiValeska

This right here, is my flower child. Adoptable for Baliya by BrickercupMasterX3
And this is my Reshiram, Chaos.


Name: Chaos

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

[.::Baliya::.] {PAGEDOLL COMMISION} by X-BunnyLovesKiwis-X :PC: Cuddles by snowflake95[PPC] Baliya Pagedoll by Vivi-Chuu

My to do list: (In no specific order)
1. Ask/ Dare's
2. Art trade with :iconabnormaldre:
3. Art trade with :icongolddragonriderkira:
4. Art trade with :iconbloodredbatwings:
5. Collab with :iconnabby1999:
6. Contest entry for :iconxxxmilo-chanxxx:
7. Contest entry for :iconmorgafur:
8: Sceenshotmeme for :iconkristinabb86:
If I missed you please let me know. :D

Btw, my icon was made by the awesome :iconkristinabb86:

Thank you to the people who donated! I'm very thankful and grateful! If I can do anything in return, let me know! :huggle:
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