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Awesome art made by awesome people! :iconchuwyplz:

Here are some awesome arts of my Characters made by awesome people!

RRB Guy by Melted-Cheesepuff Request - Aurora by umbreonespeon RQ by willowilson Baliya!! (Request) by HyperBlossomNr1 For Baliya .:Request:. by Relin2003 Art Trade: Baliya's Character by 1XxKingdomXxHeartsxX Baliya , Kiba And Akamaru ( Chibi ) by ChocolatesAndCandys Blondy or Shadow by ImaginaryDrawer Request by StormChaser236 Request from Baliya by Dark-Mika-Rose Art Trade ( Baliya) by Bricklover125 .:Request:. Baliya and Shadow by bloodredbatwings AT- Baliya and Blondy by BrickercupMasterX3 rq for  Baliya by Ilovebrashgirl901





I am so freaking done with my computer! I had this really cool [picture of Badass and Blake and it just shut off before I saved it!

 “Whadda’ya mean ‘You’re kicking me out’?!” Bade yelled in shock. “It’s as simple as it sounds” his brother, Bian said. “You’re no longer allowed to be a part of our group.”

“You can’t kick me out!”

“Why the Hell not?” His other brother, Indigo demanded.

“Because I basically founded this! I am your creator, and you can’t kick your creator off the team!”

Bian sighed and put his book down. “Look, it’s plain and simple. One: You’re dragging us down with your lack of speed. Two: We can’t count on you. Three: You’ve been spending too much time with those other albinos-”

“Baliya and Baney? So?!”

“I know for a fact that the reason you came back empty handed is because you gave the money back. They’ve turned you into a hero, and we can’t have a hero on a villains team.”

Bade rushed forward and grabbed his brother by the shirt collar. “How dare you call me a hero?! I am nothing near what they are! They save citizens, I put them in danger! They play by the rules, I fight dirty! They earn their money, I steal it! They’re good guys, and I AM A FUCKING VILLAIN!”

Indigo came up behind Bade and yanked him by the back of his collar, detaching him from Bian. He thrashed about, but was unable to break out of Indigo’s hold. As he thrashed with closed eyes, he was unaware that he was being brought to an open window.

“Bade” Bian called. He opened his eyes to see himself being carried to the window. He thrashed harder, accidentally breaking part of the window in the process.

“Boys!” He yelled. “You can’t do this! I’m your friend! I’m your maker! I’m your brother! You can’t do this!”

“Watch me” Indigo said. He hovered up to the window’s height. Holding Bade in front of him, he pulled his foot back and shoved it forward. When his foot collided with his brother, he let go, causing him to fly out the window and off into the distance.

“Dang, I’ve never seen him freak out so much before,” said Indigo. Bian nodded in agreement and went back to his book.


Somewhere off in the distance, Baliya and Baney were walking down the street. Suddenly a streak of light flew in front of them and then crashed, throwing them back. They caught themselves before they hit anything.

“What was that?” Baliya asked.

“Only one way to find out,” Baney said. He and Baliya walked forward until they came to the smoking crater in front of them. Once the smoke cleared, they’re peered in to see their friend Bade.

“Bade?!” They said in unison.

“Dude, you got yourself into another fight? Heh, you learn from the best.” Baney said.

“You shouldn’t fight so much, Bade. You’re gonna get real hurt one day” Said Baliya.

Bade didn’t respond, just lay there.

“Dude, you gotta get up. Whoever hit you is probably on their way to come pound you right now.”

Still no movement from Bade.

“What, you scared or something? Bade, the Leader of the Notorious Bad boy squad, is scared? Aww, do you need us to go beat this dude for you?”

This time Bade twitched before raising his head up. He was crying.

Baney and Baliya both rushed into the crater.

“Baney, you made him cry!” Baliya scolded.

“Hey man, I was just kidding! No need to cry!”

Bade choked out the words “You… didn’t…”

Baliya helped Bade to his feet, but he just fell back down again.

“Who did this to you? I’ll kill the bastard!” Baney said, smashing a fist into his palm.

Bade shook his head. It’s bad enough that he was crying, it would only get worse if he told the story.

“Come on Bade, you can tell us,” Baliya said, helping him up again. He still shook his head.

“Well fine. Don’t tell us” Baney said, crossing his arms. “We’ll just ask your brothers”

At the mention of his brothers, Bade lost it. He fell back down and sobbed loudly. His sudden burst of emotion caused random nearby objects to fly around and explode.

“Dude, calm down! Your magic is making everything go crazy!” screamed Baney. Baliya ducked to avoid being hit by a mailboz

Bade continued to sob, until his sobs turned to bawls.

At this point, his magic affected Baliya and Baney, lifting them into the air and making them fly all over the place.

“AHHHHHH!” Baliya screamed.

“Bade, calm it down! Please! We’ll help you fix your problem! Just put us down!” Baney said.

Bade began to calm down, and so did everything around him. As they dropped to the floor, the two gender bends ran to comfort their friend.

Bade covered his face with his hands. He was embarrassed letting himself cry like that. He refused to look at the other albino’s.

“Bade,” Baliya said, moving his hands. “We just want to help. Please tell us what’s wrong.”

Bade sniffled and spoke slowly. “M-my brothers… disowned me,”

“Disowned?” Baliya asked.

“They… kicked me out,”

“But, how’d you land here?”

“… Literally kicked me out”


“Because… they said… I’ve turned too good! They called me a hero! They kicked me out for hanging with you two! They also told me I was too slow, and that it’s ‘cause of me that we suck!”

“Why didn’t you just pound them?” Asked Baney.

“I wanted to, but… I couldn’t…”

“You couldn’t?”

“Grrrr, they’re right!” Bade yelled, slamming his fist into the ground. “I’ve become too good! I can’t be a hero on a villain’s team…” a tear slid down his cheek.

Both the other albino’s were silent.

“Where am I gonna live? Who am I gonna count on? Who’s gonna be… my family?” more tears fell down from his face.

Baliya looked at Baney, who gave her a nod.

“Bade, all of the genderbends of the Challenge Acceptors have decided to move in with each other. Me and Baney just got a place close by. Come stay with us,” she said.

Bade looked down. “You two aren’t villains. I don’t even understand how you’re friends with me. So you definitely won’t be able to live with me. And plus, if I stay with you two… I’ll only be proving them right…” he said.

“What’s the alternative?” asked Baney. “Living out on the streets? No, knowing you, your hybrid side will take over and bring you to the wild. You’ll turn full on animal.”

Bade thought about it, eventually sighing.

“I’ll come with you.”

Baliya smiled. “It’s no problem at all! We were actually on our way over there. We just have to make one quick stop before we get there. Blake and Blare’s place!

Bade looked at Baney and raised an eyebrow. He knows that Baney hates Blare with a passion, why would he agree to go to her house? “I’m staying outside when she goes in” Baney said.

“Alright, the sooner we go, the sooner we get home, ok?” Baliya said. “Right, so let’s go!” Baney said. He took to the skies quickly, leaving Baliya and Bade on the ground. Bade flew up a little more slowly, now leaving only Baliya behind.

“Guys, wait!” she called. They looked back to see she was still on the ground. “What’re you waitin’ for Baliya? Let’s get this over with!”

Baliya dropped her head slightly. “…I can’t fly, remember?” “Why can’t you just shift into a bird or something? Baney asked. “Because,” she started, “Birds aren’t fast enough to keep up with you guys’ flying! They also can’t maneuver as quickly as you guys can, and-”

Before she could finish, Bade had flown down and scooped her up Bridal style. Him and Baney took off flying towards the Blake and Blare’s house.

Albino Trio Chapter 1: It's one, One for the Money
Here you go, first chapter! I hope it's good, I'm not exactly sure of how my writing skills are.
So it's a follow-up from the prologue. Once again, their are curses, so I'm putting it under mature content,

So, when Bade claims to be their creator, he's not wrong or right. He helped to make them, but not completely.
I'm not sure what else to say, so enjoy the story!

Characters (c) Me
Hope you like!

Ever since a certain few demons realized they could create portals to other universes, things have gotten kind of crazy. Some universes have combined, leaving the people who inhabited one, to meet their gender-bended other. Some chose to stay together, some chose not to. And in the midst of all of this commotion…

The City Of Townsville…

…bank is being robbed!

The Townsville bank was being held up. “Help, it’s the Rowdyruff boys!” a female bank teller screamed. A boy with brown hair and purple eyes came to the counter and looked the teller straight in the eyes. “We ain’t the Rowdyruffs, lady.” He leaned on the counter, moneybags in both of his hands. “We’re the bad boy squad! And calling for help ain’t gonna do ya no good.” He smiled an evil smile.

His two brothers were busy with other matters. “Indigo! Quit flirting with the bank tellers and help!” A blue haired boy with lighter purple eyes yelled. His hands and nearby moneybags were surrounded by a lavender aura. He was using magic to lift the money.

“Indigo! Bade! Both of you shut it!” yelled the third brother, with dark orange hair and grayish blue eyes. He was holding a security guard by the collar. “Let’s get a move on before reinforcements show up!”

Suddenly the doors burst open. The boys turned to see who it was. And they weren’t happy with what they saw.

“Yay, it’s the Powerpuff girls!” cheered the bank tellers.

“Aaw geez,” said Indigo. “Let’s Bail!”

“Not so fast, Boys!” said Blossom

“Actually, just the opposite, Blossom. We’re gonna bail. So fast.”

“Bubbles, you take Bade! Buttercup, Indigo! I’m going for Bian.” The three super-heroines sped towards their targets. Punches and kicks were thrown, blows and hits were taken. This went on for a few minutes, until Bian came up with a plan.

“Indigo! Throw the money to Bade!”yelled Bian. He did just that. Bade used his magic to catch it and he added it to the pile of bags he was swinging at Bubbles.

“Great, now  Bail!” Him and Indigo bust through the roof and flew into the skies. Bade tried to follow. But sadly he wasn’t as fast. He only made it halfway, Bubbles had tackled him. And since his brothers flew away, he was left to fend for himself.

“Shit…” he said before a punch was threw at his face.

To make a long story short, he didn’t win. His only accomplishment was managing to escape from the girls. He wasn’t even able to bring the money with him.

He kicked in the door of the hideout him and his brothers lived in. It was an old but big shack hidden within the woods. He was beat up and dirty and he barely made it because he was so tired. His brothers looked at him as he walked in the door, Empty-handed.

Indigo scoffed. “Nice going, Slowpoke Rodriguez.”

“Thanks for leaving me, Speedy Gonzalez”

“Hey, it wasn’t my plan.” He looked over at Bian. He was reading a book.

“Speaking of which,” Indigo said. “He’s got something to say to you”

Bian didn’t even look up from his book. “Bade, We’re kicking you out.


Albino Trio Prolouge
Bade, Bian and Indigo are Baliya, Bijuu, and Violet's counterparts. They're evil, as expected.
Sorry if it's not very detailed. The next chapter will be longer.
Fell free to ask if you don't understand something. :D
Bade, Bian (pronounced Bee-yahn), and Indigo (c) Me
PPG (c) :iconcmcc:
Hope you like! (P.S: There is one curse word in here and there will be more in upcoming chapters. But I don't think it needs a mature warning, does it?)


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